VIP 2000 TV, INC., is a programs and films TV distribution and production company founded by Roxana Rotundo, an executive with 25 years of experience in the Hispanic TV distribution market, with her sister, Rosalind Rotundo, as vice-president.


Rosalind And Roxana Rotundo

The Distribution inventory of VIP 2000 TV have a vast catalog of shows that includes more than 300 films and 3,000 hours of telenovelas and series from 14 countries. In 2013 VIP 2000 TV acquired many blockbuster movies titles for the Hispanic market from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), including the James Bond catalog. In 2014, VIP 2000 TV started producing its own original content, creating four original series in Spanish with over 200 hours of programming. In 2018, VIP 2000 TV focused on a new vision: in Cannes, presented a drama series called 2050 joined forces with Mondo TV Iberoamérica, one of the most respected European distributors, and Casablanca, considered the top independent production company in Brazil to produce 10 one-hour episodes. VIP 2000 TV has in developing more than 10 Intellectual properties and its working in different coproductions with important players of entertainment industry.

 Roxana Rotundo  serves as the Chairwoman of the board of directors of the Worldwide Audiovisual Women’s Association (WAWA.), a nonprofit dedicated to connect women in the audiovisual industry.  She is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) , a nonprofit that opens the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support, and advocacy. The mission of HLAA matters to her because of her own experience with progressive hearing loss and now having two cochlear implants. One of her motivations is advocating for the Hispanic community where there is limited information.

We believe that the changes of the entertainment industry are happening so fast that the survival of the executives will depend on their capacity to reinvent themselves


Roxana Rotundo: CEO – [email protected]
Instagram y twitter @roxanarotundo

Rosalind Rotundo: VP – [email protected]
Instagram y twitter @rosalindrotundo

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